Save to Spend

The aim is to enable you to accrue cash regularly, at a rate that suits you - spreading the cost of clothing your little ones! No more disappointment when your favourite brand launches a new collection, which doesn’t align with pay day or a good month for you. You’ll have money in the kitty, ready to treat your children to whichever pieces you fall for.

As well as using the Payment Plan yourself, you could also consider gifting some of your credit as a lovely present to welcome the newest Baby in your family. Or perhaps a super Christmas gift for a new Mummy who is special to you... imagine, she can shop online or in Exeter with the fund you accrue. Such a treat!

How does it work? Well, it’s really simple! Click the button below! This takes you to a PayPal portal that securely allows you to set the regular amount (any amount over £10) which will build your fund each month. Future payments to your plan come out of your account on the same date each month until you decide otherwise.

How do you spend your money? However you like! You can choose garments in person if you’re local, or here on the website if you’re too far for a visit. You’ll see the option at checkout to debit your payment plan. Postage is free, of course.

Are there other benefits to joining the ‘Save to Shop’ scheme? Yes there are! ‘Save to Shop' customers will receive exclusive offers throughout the year, and will have first dibs on the forthcoming Mystery Boxes. You will hear about the online Sales ahead of general notification.

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