Payment Plans - Layaway

We all know how it is… you fill your basket and then panic at the total!

Worry not - The Thrifty Stork has a solution!

Enter code LAYAWAY at checkout, and the balance of your basket will be reduced by 75%. Pay 25% of your total, and look out for a PayPal invoice for the balance. This invoice will enable you to pay the outstanding amount bit by bit, as your finances allow, over as long as 4 months – so long as you make a minimum of one payment each month.

When the balance is cleared, your Layaway Parcel will ship!

Sale items are included in the LAYAWAY Scheme. However, flash sales necessitating a code at checkout cannot be added to the LAYAWAY account.

Please note; if the balance is not cleared at the end of the 4 month period, the item will be added back into the shop and your payments will be returned to you less the 25% deposit.